Privacy policy regarding

Here you'll find information about which data we collect on the Søbygaard-websites and what we do with them.

Data controller

The websites managed by the board of Søbygaard who is thereby the data controller.

Contact information

Address: Søbygårdsvej 2-4, 5985 Søby Ærø
Phone: +45 62 58 16 76

What we collect and when

We collect data when you browse our website from your computer, mobile phone or any other technical device.

The data we collect are data such as:

  • IP address
  • Tracking information as provided by your web browser such as browser type, language and the website address from which you arrived
  • Clickstream behavior such as which links you click on and when

Why we collect your data

We use Google Analytics, which is an online analyzing tool that can track e.g. how many pages you visit on a website during a certain period, where you look on a certain webpage and how long you spend on a certain webpage.

We do this in order to be able to improve our content and thereby give you a better online experience.

We would never share your data with any others.


If you have any questions about our website and its data collecting, don’t hesitate to contact us (you can see our contact information at the beginning of this text).

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